Willow Springs R.V. Park
1025 Frontage Rd. | Raton, N.M. 87740 | 575-445-1200

About Willow Springs R.V. Park

We do have several species of wildlife that pass through our park. This photo of a bear was taken by a park visitor. Black Bears, such as this one, are often brown in color. We also have a wide variety of birds that can be found in the park. In spring, you can often hear and occasionally see Wild Turkey near the creek at the back of the park.

We do have an occasional skunk pass through. Though these noctural creatures are rarely seen by our park visitors. We have also found tracks that we believe were left by a raccoon!

Mule Deer are usually seen visiting year-round. About 5 or 6 can occasionally be seen in the park at any given time. Our most common resident is the Eastern Fox Squirrel. It can often be seen running along the ground or climbing up trees.